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Life at Anaplan


At Anaplan, We Strive To Live Our Values Everyday

At Anaplan, our values are key to everything we do. As you explore a career at Anaplan spend some time to see how you resonate with our values. Our team is not only looking for top talent who are skilled at their job, but also who can explempify our values everyday... or as we call it, #AnaplanLOVE

We share fearlessly for the greater good.

We give and receive feedback to help one another grow.

We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

We give the benefit of the doubt.

We are respectfully direct.

We are always improving ourselves.

We find strength in our differences.

We embrace ideas, positivity and passion.

We don’t wait for an excuse to have fun.

We go out of our way to help others succeed.

We inspire each other.

We live above politics.

We simplify as we invent.

We adapt as we solve problems.

We are passionate about our customers’ success.

We see every moment as a chance to learn.



#AnaplanLOVE Employee Spotlight, featuring Kayne Schwarz


What do you do at Anaplan?
I'm a Community Content Manager on the Community and Communications team. I guide our customers, partners, and fellow Anaplanners to bring their amazing content to the Anaplan Community. I also ensure that our Community's content is clean, crisp, current, and super cool!

What do our values mean to you?
Our values represent the promises that we've made to ourselves and our customers. They push us to be our best selves, no matter the situation, challenge, or level of effort.

What are some of the ways in which you live the values every day at work?
In my role, I frequently connect with our customers, partners, and employees. Whether it's a Slack response, a kickoff meeting for a new project, or an in-depth process and content review with an author, my role is all about communication. Giving and receiving feedback, being respectfully direct, embracing ideas, and inspiring one another are just a few of our values that I practice every day.



Which is your favorite values statement and why?
"We are passionate about our customers' success." Passionate is an understatement. This value sticks out to me as I've been involved in so many great meetings, conversations, and even heated debates that at the end of the day, have led to providing a better customer experience, which ultimately led our customers to great success.

What can we do to make the values a part of our everyday culture?
We should always take a second to step back and practice what we preach. We shouldn't allow our hectic schedules and projects to get in the way of bringing our values to the table every chance we get. Furthermore, it's important to continue to encourage and recognize our peers when we see our values being practiced - spread the #AnaplanLOVE.

How does your job impact our customers?
My work impacts our customers in several ways. Just a few examples include:

Working with the Support team to bring their content to the community, which deflects support tickets and quickly solves our customer's issues.
Working with the platform release/communications team to help keep our customers informed of the new enhancements coming to our platform, as well as any expected or unexpected downtime.
Documenting and applying our content best practices, style guides, and governance process to ensure we provide consistent, high-quality content.

What do you love about working at Anaplan?
In no particular order: our culture, our product, our opportunities, and our people - need I say more?

1000th Employee

In March of this year, the Anaplan team hit a milestone: 1000 employees

Below are some quotes from a few of our new employees about why they're excited to join us:

"The thing that excites me the most about joining Anaplan is being a part of this amazing growth trajectory that the company is on. In my role, I'll get to help drive the branding for Anaplan and our events. It's exciting to know that I'll be able to help shape the future growth of the company."

- Daniel 


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