Welcome to Anaplan

Congratulations! You've just signed your offer letter. Here's what you need to know now. 

Essential Tasks

These tasks MUST be completed in order for you to start at Anaplan. Do not delay!


Submit Info for Your Background Check!

As soon as you receive an email from HireRight with instructions for you background check, start ASAP. Make sure to follow these instructions carefully and completely. You cannot start without a fully processed check and this can delay your start date.


Complete Workday Tasks!

You will also receive several emails from anaplan@myworkday.com (subject: Welcome to Anaplan). These emails will contain a link to Workday as well as your temporary log-in credentials.

To Complete Workday Tasks:

1.     Log in using the temporary credentials. Trouble with your Workday temporary password? Email WorkdayHelpdesk@anaplan.com.

2.     Click Take Me There in the Welcome pop-up (on subsequent logins, you’ll select Inbox to find these tasks).

3.     View Frank Calderoni’s Welcome Message.

4.     Click View Inbox to see a list of required tasks.

5.     Complete all tasks in your Workday Inbox. Note: Some tasks will require you to have your identification, tax ID, and/or passport on hand.

What to expect in Pre-Boarding


Who is the Employee Development Team?

The Employee Development Team exists to help you navigate first day tasks and point you in the direction of the resources you’ll need to start and grow your career at Anaplan.



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